5 Things Eyes First Vision Center Wants You to Know About Dry Eye

5 Things our Middletown Optometrist Wants You to Know About Dry Eye

You’ve probably experienced dry eye at some point in your life—the sensation of sand in your eyes, blurred vision, itching, and redness. However, for many people, this is a chronic condition. Our optometrist at Eyes First Vision Center shares 5 things that he thinks everybody should know about this problem:

1. Watery Eyes Can Be a Sign of Dry Eye

Dry eye is caused by a lack of one or more of the components of normal tears. If the oily or mucus-like component of the tears is lacking, your eyes may actually produce more of the watery component to attempt to compensate.

2. Risk Factors for Dry Eye Include Age, Smoking, Eyelid Problems, Computer Use, and More

Underlying health problems can cause dry eye, but the majority of cases are related to aging and environmental factors. Our doctor will discuss how proper eye care can minimize symptoms during your exam.

3. Dry Eye is Irritating in the Short-Term but can be Harmful in the Long-Term

While dry eye is more of an annoyance in the short-term, it can actually harm your eyes if it is left chronically untreated. Tears protect against ocular infection and extreme dryness can even lead to corneal ulcers. Proper eye care is essential for people with this condition.

4. Your Regular Eye Exam can Catch Dry Eye

Our optometrist looks at your overall ocular health during your routine eye exam, including whether you have signs of dry eye. A test using a special strip of paper that is placed under your eyelid to measure tear production may be done if our doctor sees signs of the condition.

5. Eyes First Vision Center Can Treat Your Dry Eye

The main treatment for dry eye is eye drops, although surgery to plug the tear ducts so that tears do not drain so fast is used in severe cases. Here at Eyes First Vision Center, we provide optometry treatment for the residents of Manahawkin, Manchester, Middletown, Toms River, Bricktown, Eatontown, Red Bank, Sea Girt, Matawan, Hazlet, and surrounding areas. To make an appointment at our state-of-the-art optometry clinic, call us at (866) EYESFIRST (393-7347) or use our web-based scheduling system.

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