Benefits of Polarized Glasses

What Can Polarized Glasses Do for You?

When you’re in the market for a pair of glasses or sunglasses, do you find yourself scratching your head in puzzlement over the term “polarized?” Polarization offers some important benefits for people who spend lots of time in environments that reflect sunlight upward into the eyes. Let’s take a look at what this glare-filtering technique is all about, why you might need it, and how Eyes First Vision Center in New Jersey can provide it.

A Special Form of Glare Protection

The whole reason we can see objects at all is because light bounces off of them, with the reflected light reaching our eyes for processing as visual data. When that light is too strong for comfort, we call it glare. You might correctly assume that standard tinted sunglasses can block plenty of the glare being bounced into your eyes from above or from the sides. Unfortunately, they do less well at blocking the light reflected upward from shiny surfaces beneath you. That’s why you may have trouble seeing comfortably on the beach, water, ski slopes, or highways even while wearing sunglasses. Reflected glare can also cause strain in indoor environments.

Polarized glasses are designed to solve that problem. Polarization involves equipping the lenses with a special filter that blocks light from below, much as a set of blinds can block light coming from a particular direction. This reduces the amount of glare you experience in your daily work or favorite recreational activities for additional comfort, clarity, and safety.

We Offer a Variety of Polarized Glasses and Sunglasses

Come to any of Eyes First Vision Center’s 10 New Jersey locations for polarized glasses that suit your prescription perfectly. We can fit you with either tinted or non-tinted lenses that keep glare at bay while also complementing your style and fashion sense. (You might also consider lenses that change their tint level in accordance with the ambient light level.) Call today to schedule an eye and vision exam!

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