Choosing the Right Prescription Sunglasses

Tips for Choosing the Right Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses offer the best of both worlds: good vision and protection from the sun. Almost all corrective lenses can be incorporated into prescription sunglasses, including progressive lenses and bifocals. At Eyes First in Middletown, we can help you match your prescription to attractive eyeglass frames to create a unique, functional pair of prescription sunglasses for summer fun in the sun. Here’s what you should know about prescription sunglasses.

Lens Choices

When selecting your lens, make UV protection a priority. A good pair of sunglasses (prescription or otherwise) will provide 100% UV protection from the sun. If you’re into boating or water sports, polarized lenses (with UV protection) may be more comfortable as they reduce glare from the water. Photo-chromatic lenses darken automatically when exposed to the sun, making them extremely convenient as a sunglass choice.

As far as lens material, you have a choice between glass and plastic. Polycarbonate lenses and Trivex are composed of lightweight, shatter-resistant plastic, making them excellent choices for people who live an active lifestyle. Glass lenses enhance optical quality but are heavy and more prone to breaking. If you have a strong prescription, a high-index sunglass lens may be better suited to your needs. For help in choosing the right lens, seek help from your Middletown optometrist.


At Eyes First, we carry an extensive selection of quality eyeglass frames to choose from for your prescription sunglasses. Our frames come in all styles, colors and prices to suit your personal taste and budget. Your optometrist can help you select frames that are suited to your prescription so you can get the most from this investment.

If you spend a lot of time in the sun, prescription sunglasses will fit nicely into your lifestyle. They’re attractive, convenient and provide essential UV protection from the sun. Working with optical professionals from Eyes First ensures you get quality eye care services and eyewear products to meet your needs.

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