Common Foreign Objects in Eyes

Getting a foreign object of some kind in your eye is a common problem, especially in windy weather. It may be a tiny piece of dirt, dust or an eyelash that falls into the eye, causing irritation and tearing. These objects can usually be removed by flushing the eye with water or over-the-counter eye drops. You may be able to see the object if you pull the lower eyelid down from the eye. The object may also be visible on the upper portion of the eye. However, if they object is in the colored area of the eye, see an eye professional to remove it safely. After removal, you may continue to feel scratchiness in the eye for a few hours, but this will resolve after a period of time.

Work-Related Foreign Objects in Eyes

Foreign objects can also get into the eyes as a result of work activities. Dust, work particles or metal shards can enter the eyes, causing severe irritation. You should not attempt to remove these objects from the eyes. Go to the emergency room or to an eye care professional who can remove the object safely and provide medication to prevent infection while the wound is healing. You may be advised to keep a bandage over the eye for a few days to ensure proper healing.

When To Get Help For Foreign Objects in the Eyes

If you have pain or redness in the eyes, you should have an eye exam by an eye care professional. If you are experiencing tearing, discharge or a sore in the eye, you should have the problem assessed by an eye doctor. If you have sensitivity to light or problems with vision, these symptoms should signal a need to see an eye care professional.

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