Comprehensive Eye Care

Comprehensive Eye Care at Eye First Vision Center in Middletown

Every year or so, your eye doctor examines your eyes and their health. Many people put off their annual exams, not realizing that these exams are actually pretty important to their overall health. You may not know that you are developing an eye problem—or that you need vision correction.

Eye and Vision Exams 

During an eye exam, our Middletown eye doctor takes a complete look at your vision history. They also discuss your overall health as well. You’ll talk about medications you’re taking, along with conditions at your job that may impact your vision. A visual acuity test measures each eye’s clarity of vision. Those reading charts are still widely used.

Additional tests may be done to test for your vision color, depth perception, peripheral (side) vision, movements of your eye muscles and how your pupils respond to lights. The curvature of your cornea is measured. You’ll look at charts through a phoropter, which tells your doctor what lens power you need. You’ll also be tested on eye teaming, eye movements and eye focusing tests.

Contact Lens Exams and Fittings 

Your eye doctor will consider your eye health before prescribing contact lenses. You may need rigid gas-permeable lenses if you can’t wear soft lenses. Astigmatism means you’ll need specific types of contact lenses.

Before getting your contact lenses, you’ll go through specific tests that will fit comfortably. Your cornea’s curvature is measured, along with your ability to make tears. The size of your iris (colored part of your eye) is also measured.

Prescription Eyeglasses and Sunglasses 

The lenses of your glasses are just as important as the frames. From single-vision to bifocals, astigmatism correction, farsightedness, nearsightedness and even correcting presbyopia (aging eyes), you’ll have choices to make. Our eye care provider will help you.

Surgical Co-Management 

Our optometrists work with your doctors to help with disease and surgery co-management. We can offer pre- and post-surgery care.

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