Dry Eye and Allergy Care at Eye First Vision Center: Your Optometry Office

Eye First Vision Center offers comprehensive care for vision and eye health. We provide a wide range of treatment options for eye disease and conditions including dry eye and allergy care. If your eyes are scratchy, watery, or painful, don’t delay in calling our optometry offices. With locations in Bricktown, Eatontown, Hazlet, Manahawkin, Manchester, Matawan, Middletown, Red Bank, Sea Girt, and Toms River, we’re always nearby.

What Is Dry Eye?

Dry eye is a term used to describe symptoms you may be experiencing, but it can also refer to a specific condition in which your eyes do not produce enough or produce a high enough quality of tears. Individuals who have dry eyes generally suffer from symptoms such as:

  • Dryness
  • Irritation
  • Redness
  • Burning sensations
  • Itchy eyes
  • Eyes that feel tired or sore
  • Blurry vision
  • Light sensitivity

If you have these symptoms, we recommend that you schedule a consultation with our eye doctors to learn more about what is causing this condition. It is especially important to do so if this occurs frequently or does not improve on its own within a day.

What Causes Dry Eyes?

Dry eyes can occur for a number of reasons. The underlying cause is that your eyes do not produce enough tears, enough quality tears, or a consistent level of tears to keep your eyes comfortable and healthy. In healthy production, tear film will have three components, the oil lipid element, the water aqueous component, and the mucin, a mucous-like component. Each part plays an important role in the function of keeping your eyes moist and germ-free. This can occur for many reasons.

The most common causes for dry eyes include:

– Your eyes do not produce enough tears. This can be due to age, medical conditions such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disorder, or Vitamin A deficiencies, as well as laser eye surgery complications or tear gland damage. Some medications such as decongestants, hormone replacement therapy, and antihistamines used for allergies, can also cause this.

– Your tears evaporate too quickly. This may be due to eyelid problems, blinding less often such has when you are driving or reading, or atmosphere concerns such as wind, smoke, or very dry air.

Allergies and Dry Eyes

Those who suffer from allergies may also suffer from dry eyes. Often, allergies to pollen, dust, dander and other elements can cause a reaction within the body including watery or dry eyes. This can often lead to blurry vision, painful irritations, and itching. If you suffer from allergies, it’s important to visit your eye doctor for help. This is especially important if your wear contact lenses that irritate your eyes further.

Treatment for Dry Eyes with Our Eye Care Services

We recommend talking to your eye doctors for any type of dry eye symptoms. With an eye exam, we can gain better information about the best treatment option for you. That’s important for ongoing eye care and vision protection. Come in for an eye exam and allow our doctors to talk about dry eye treatments such as:

  • Use of artificial tear drops
  • Allergy relief
  • Punctual plugs to keep eyes from drying out
  • Treatment for underlying eye structure concerns such as tear ducts
  • Tear lubricants to improve the quality of your tears

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