Lazy Eye Treatment from our Optometrist in New Jersey

With most vision conditions, you can’t actually see a physical change in your eyes. Your vision may be different, yes, but your eyes look the same. That isn’t so with amblyopia, which is often referred to as lazy eye. If you believe you or your child may have this condition, you should visit our optometrist in New Jersey today.

What Is Lazy Eye?

Amblyopia or lazy eye is a condition that alters the natural alignment of the eye or eyes. One eye will look like it’s facing where it should be, but the other eye will stray away and seem to focus on something else entirely.

Most of the time, children will develop lazy eye, but adults who are 40 or younger may also be at risk. This condition is about more than aesthetics, too; it’s possible for depth perception to fade and even a permanent decrease in vision to occur in serious cases.

What Causes Lazy Eye?

In most instances, it’s a brain issue that leads to lazy eye. With eyes that function normally, the vision signals pass between the eyes and the brain. With amblyopia, that only happens with a single eye.

In other instances, tear duct blockages, drooping eyelids, eye trauma, or advanced cataracts can trigger lazy eye. If eyeglasses or contact lens prescriptions are not identical or if a patient also has strabismus, lazy eye is more likely to occur.

Treatments from our Optometrist

When you visit your New Jersey optometrist, they can administer a treatment for lazy eye. For some patients, vision therapy is a suitable treatment. This is like physical therapy but for the eyes. Your eye doctor will recommend exercises that rebuild neurological and motor-processing abilities. The lazy eye will gradually be corrected.

In other instances, wearing an eye patch over the eye, using atropine drops, or updating one’s glasses prescription can also treat this condition. These treatments are often suggested for less severe cases of lazy eye, though.

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