Pink Eye Relief from Your New Jersey Optometrist

You might actually see the signs of conjunctivitis, commonly called pink eye before you feel any discomfort. One or both orbs might have a pinkish appearance. Fortunately, treatment from an optometrist at one of our Eyes First Vision Center offices can eliminate this ocular problem. New Jersey patients can choose from 10 convenient locations: Toms River, Sea Girt, Red Bank, Middletown, Matawan, Manchester, Manahawkin, Hazlet, Eatontown, and Bricktown.

Overview of Pink Eye

Our doctor of optometry describes pink eye as an inflammation or a swelling of the conjunctiva. This is transparent tissue that covers the white portion of the organ and lines an inner eyelid. Some types of the disorder are highly contagious. It is particularly common among children.

These are the most common symptoms:

  • Unusual discharge
  • Swollen eyelids
  • A pinkish cast to the white portion
  • A gritty sensation
  • Increased sensitivity to light
  • Itching or burning in the optic area
  • Tearing that seems excessive

Common potential causes include:

  • A virus like the common cold
  • Some sexually transmitted diseases
  • A bacterial infection
  • Contaminated lotions or makeup
  • Allergic reactions to certain substances, among them smoke, ingredients in cosmetics, chlorine, and pollen
  • A reaction to inserted objects such as contact lenses

An optometrist discusses a patient’s health history before conducting an exam. Diagnostic steps include measuring visual acuity and assessing the conjunctiva and other external parts of the eyes with the use of a special light plus magnification. An optometric evaluation also includes checking inner structures to confirm that the disorder has not affected them. For some patients, it is necessary to collect tissue samples for lab analysis.

Conjunctivitis Treatment From Our Eye Doctors

Treating conjunctivitis requires both professional eye care services plus self-care. Beyond reducing discomfort, optometrists seek to prevent the spread of a contagious case and reduce inflammation. While an infection is usually a minor health problem, it can escalate to a significant issue. Our doctors choose their treatment method according to the type of infection.

  • Allergic reactions respond to avoiding exposure to the offending substance or object. Many patients find artificial tears, antihistamines, cool compresses, and NSAIDs helpful. Sometimes steroid medication in drop form is appropriate.
  • Bacterial infections respond to several days of treatment using antibiotics as drops or an ointment.
  • Viruses usually disappear over a period of several weeks. Use of artificial tears and cool compresses is helpful until a virus is gone.
  • Chemical irritants warrant a saline flushing. Some patients might also need to use steroids in topical form.

Our optometrists also recommend temporarily avoiding contact lenses and touching the eyes, throwing out aging makeup, and changing bathroom linens often.

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