Fireworks Safety Tips from Our Optometrists in Middletown

Fireworks Safety. Stay Safe with Tips from our Middletown Optometrists

July 4th brings fireworks, and here at Eye First Vision Center, our optometry team encourages our Middletown neighbor’s participation with important facts and essential eye care safety tips. While they create beautiful displays to celebrate holidays, fireworks are very dangerous. In fact, visits to emergency rooms drastically increase on Independence Day weekend, which is often due to fireworks incidents. Hence, this is just one aspect of the importance of firework safety.

Why Fireworks Safety is Important

Sponsored by the non-profit group Prevent Blindness America, this PSA is intended to remind people of the importance of utilizing fireworks with care and viewing them safely. Awareness is the key to prevent accidents and dampening the spirit of Independence Day. Most importantly, celebrants need to know that a number of injuries can result with unpredictable fireworks such as skin burns, eye injuries, smoke inhalation, temporary or permanent hearing loss, partial or full blindness, and injuries to the hands and face.

Eye Safety Tips During Fireworks Displays

Our Middletown optometry team at Eye First Vision Center would like to offer the following eye safety tips to minimize the chances of a fireworks-related injury.

  • Only ignite fireworks outdoors, in large open spaces preferably to reduce debris impacting humans and pets.
  • Keep the kiddos away from the fireworks, particularly handheld ones such as sparklers.
  • Keep eye washing supplies and a first aid kit handy to assist in case an incident occurs.
  • Opt to wear safety glasses while launching or even viewing fireworks to protect the eyes.

Seek medical help right away in case of any fireworks-related accident, especially those to the eye that can result in permanent damage.

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