Lazy Eye

What to Know About Lazy Eye from a New Jersey Optometry Specialist

Our eye doctor offers vision care at ten locations throughout the state of New Jersey including Toms River, Bricktown, Manchester, Manahawkin, Middletown, Eatontown, Sea Girt, Matawan, Hazlet, Lake Hurst, Old Bridge and Red Bank. We give our patients a thorough eye exam that matches them with their ideal prescription and helps to detect problems early. We even evaluate your eyes for conditions such as lazy eye. 

Definition of Lazy Eye 

A lazy eye also referred to as amblyopia, is a condition where the brain favors one eye. It’s usually caused by poor vision in your other eye. In some cases, as the condition worsens, your brain will ignore the signals from the weak eye. Your eye might not look different; however, during a vision exam, one of our optometrists at our vision center may notice your eye will wander in different directions. In a majority of cases, only one of the eyes is affected. 

Symptoms of Lazy Eye

Until the symptoms of a lazy eye become apparent, the condition isn’t always easy to detect. However, you may notice you bump into objects on one side of the body. You might have poor depth perception or notice your eyes don’t work together properly. One eye may go inward or outward. You might have double vision or find yourself squinting frequently.

Causes of Lazy Eye

The cause of lazy eye is due to developmental issues in your brain because of the nerve pathways not processing your sight correctly. It’s caused by your eyes not receiving the same amount of use. One of your eyes might turn. Lazy eye is sometimes attributed to genetics, different levels of vision in your eyes, damage to one of your eyes, a vitamin deficiency, a corneal ulcer, drooping in one of your eyelids, astigmatism or glaucoma. The eye that you use less will weaken over time. 

Treating Lazy Eye 

At Eye First Vision Center, we strive to detect the problem early and focus on care for the underlying condition. We usually need to assist the “lazy” eye to develop. Sometimes, this means we’ll prescribe glasses or contact lenses that help to improve the vision in your lazy eye by correcting nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. We may use eye patches, eye drops or vision therapy to assist. 

Schedule an Appointment at One of our Ten Locations

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