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When you visit Eyes First for all of your eye care needs, you get exceptional service and an optometrist you can feel good working with. Our Middletown location provides you with easy access to an eye doctor that’s passionate about caring for all of your needs. Talk to us today about your specific needs, come in for an eye exam, or let us help you with recommendations for preventative care.

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Comprehensive Optometrist Services in Middletown

When you visit Eyes First Vision Center in Middletown, you’ll get help for all of your eye care and vision needs from our skilled optometrist. We provide care for all types of vision needs including:

  • Nearsightedness and farsightedness
  • Cataract care
  • Lazy eyes
  • Macular degeneration
  • Glaucoma
  • Diabetic and hypertensive retinopathy

In addition to this, we can provide care for most other symptoms you have such as dry eyes, allergic reactions, retinal tears and detachments, and conjunctivitis.

Complete Eye Screenings and Care

Let our team help you to have the best vision and healthiest eyes possible. We’ll work with you to adjust your vision care needs for glasses and contact lenses. If you are suffering from other symptoms, we can offer solutions like eye drops and additional testing for more complex conditions. We offer onsite surgery when necessary, eye exercises to correct vision concerns, and referrals to specialists for complex care and needs.

When there is a concern, our goal is to help you to determine the best course of action and treatment. The goal is to preserve your vision and help to reduce the risk of any damage to your eye’s structure.

We recommend vision screenings on a regular basis. In most cases, this is recommended at least one time every year, though every six months. If your child has not come in for an eye exam before, or you have not come in for some time, do so today. Let us work with you to provide a complete eye exam including testing for a variety of eye diseases. We’ll take photos of the interior of your eyes to check for any areas of concerns as well as to create baselines for comparisons later.

Our care includes providing you with tests for visual acuity, pressure in your eyes, and checking for any signs of concerns under a biomicroscope. In addition to this, we can offer LASIK evaluations and comprehensive eye testing for adults and children.  Talk to us about eye muscle movement, color vision, depth perception and other concerns you may have about your child’s vision and overall eye health.

Contact Us Today for an Eye Doctor Appointment

When you visit our eye doctor in Middletown, expect exceptional care and support from us. We offer convenient appointment times. With years of experience, our optometrist will answer your questions and help provide you with the ongoing care you need. We serve the entire region with supportive care. Call us at 866-393-7347 for an appointment.


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  • "Glasses came in a week as promised. Entire process took maybe 20 minutes. Highly recommend you check them out."
    Reginald B. / Eatontown, United States
  • "First timer to eye exams and glasses. The service was excellent. The staff was enjoyable."
    Anthony P. / Toms River, United States
  • "Dr Gershenow is a wonderful doctor. I recommend him to my family and friends"
    Debbie Natale Povlich