Pink Eye Diagnosis and Treatment

Pink Eye Treatment from Our Middletown Optometrist

Pink eye, or conjunctivitis, is a contagious condition that is easily spread between individuals. For this reason, our Middletown optometrist here at Eyes First Vision Center recommends anybody who has pink eye to stay home from work or school until the condition is gone.

Symptoms of Pink Eye

Waking up with your eyes so caked with drainage that you can’t open them until you clean them is one of the most common symptoms of pink eye. The affected eye will often be very red, might be swollen, and will likely be very painful. Holding a warm washcloth over the eye might provide some relief and help to remove the gunk that can keep the eye shut. Your vision might be blurry in the eye that is affected.

It is possible to have only one eye affected by pink eye, so you must practice proper eye care. If this is the case, you have to be careful because touching or wiping the affected eye and then touching the other eye can transmit the condition from one eye to the other.

Two Forms of Pink Eye

Pink eye is either bacterial or viral. Typically, the viral form is more easily spread among people than the bacterial form. In both cases, washing the hands can help to prevent it from spreading.

The form of pink eye that a person has determines what treatment is necessary. Viral pink eye isn’t treated with antibiotics, but the bacterial form is. In all cases, you are likely going to get eye drops to help keep the eye lubricated and to aid in the healing process.

Get Treatment for Pink Eye at Eyes First Vision Center in Middletown

Our Middletown optometrist serves the surrounding communities of Eatontown, Bricktown, Manahawkin, Sea Girt, Red Bank, and Matawan. Contact Eyes First Vision Center to evaluate your ocular health. If you think you have pink eye, let us know so we can get you in to see an eye doctor who will perform an exam and get your treatment plan started.

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