Polarized Glasses

Polarized Glasses

Our vision company Eyes First, in New Jersey in the communities of Middlesex, Ocean counties, and Monmouth provides clients with the best-polarized sunglasses available. Our skilled optometrist is ready to explain all the benefits of wearing Polarized lenses.

Our Optometrist Explains Polarized Glasses?

Polarized glasses are a special kind of eyewear that clients say they cannot do without when doing certain things outside such as driving, water or snow skiing, and any out-of-door activity. These specialty glasses reduce glare from water, snow, glass, and during nighttime driving especially if the pavement is wet causing the light from cars headlights to refract. Without polarized lenses, it’s more difficult to distinguish surroundings in their field of vision. These lenses make images sharper and clearer.

Polarized lenses are popular with those who are outside a lot. The benefits are well reported worth the little extra cost. Individuals can wear darker tinted sunglasses but even darker tinted lenses do not remove the glare associated with snow, water, glass, and night lights.

What are the Benefits of Wearing Polarized Lenses?

These lenses increase visual comfort. It is less difficult to view surrounding in bright conditions thus; they enhance sharpness and clarity of surroundings. Outside sports such as skiing or cycling, polarized lenses allow you to look into the water without the glare of the sun on the water or snow hurting your eyes. These lenses help to rest your eyes thus reduces eye strain after spending all day in the sun.

What Makes Polarized Glasses Different?

Polarized lenses with special filtering lenses whose function is to block bright reflected light. When looking at images in or on the water and snow these lenses reduce glare and eye discomfort, also block reflected lights from oncoming vehicles on the road at night. These lenses remove the glare and haze so commonly seen with or without regular sunglasses.

Call to Action for Securing Your Polarized Lenses

Our optometrist explains to clients the benefits of wearing Polarized Glasses and how these lenses help to keep your eyes healthy and you safe because you see images in a whole new perspective. These lenses increase visual acuity. Give our optometrist a call today at 866-EYES FIRST (866-393-7347.) Access our website for more in-depth information on our complete line of services including Polarized Glasses. Visit us at one of our ten locations in Middlesex, Ocean counties, and Monmouth counties.

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