Eye Care Services at Eyes First Vision Center

Anyone who wants to protect their sight should start with our helpful eye care services. Our services begin with a comprehensive eye exam, which is then followed by a vision test. These are important to your eyes’ wellness and can help detect abnormal growths or eye movements. The exam and vision test also helps us determine if you need corrective lenses, which can help you see and focus correctly. Most people benefit from regular eye exams, which help defend you against common causes of vision loss like macular degeneration, cataracts and glaucoma. By catching these problems early, it’s easier to treat them and preserve your sight.

Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses

Many people can’t imagine going without their contacts or eyeglasses, which is a testament to the fact that they can be life-changing. Our optometrist can help you find the right corrective lenses or eye wear, so that you feel comfortable in your choice. Choose from a number of flattering designer frames and styles that protect your eyes with UV and glare resistance.

For those who prefer contact lenses, we can help by measuring and examining your eyes to get the right kind of contacts for you. We’ll then help you learn to wear them, adjust to their use and to maintain them over time, so you get the most out of each pair.

Pediatric Optometry Services

At Eyes First Vision Center, our team loves working with children. Whether this is the first visit your child has gone through or you need an updated release for a school physical, our team can help.

Cornea Treatments and LASIK Evaluations

Corneas are important to your sight, refracting light into your retinas to assist your vision. If your cornea is malformed or damaged, you may suffer from blurry or cloudy vision. Corrective lenses may not help. We will review your medical information and advise you on the best options for correcting your vision, which might include LASIK surgery or corneal transplants with a local eye surgeon. We’ll handle your pre-op assessment and help with post-operative care, which helps you maximize your results.

Get to Know Your Local Optometry Team

At Eyes First Vision Center, we do all we can to help you preserve and correct your vision. Schedule an appointment today at one of our locations.