Blue Light Protection at Eyes First Vision Center

At Eyes First Vision Center, our New Jersey optometrist team has advanced technology and extensive experience, both of which allow us to provide high quality eye care and ocular services for members of Manahawkin, Manchester, Middletown, Toms River, and surrounding locations. One area of eye health which people often overlook is overexposure to blue light emissions.

What Is Blue Light?

Blue light is a part of the visible light spectrum (the rays of light we can see, as opposed to invisible light waves like ultraviolet radiation). It has a high frequency and short wavelength, making it a relatively high energy source of light (higher in energy, for instance, compared to red light, which has a longer wavelength and lower frequency). Blue light comes from the sun as well as our digital devices, including televisions, computers, and smart phones.

The Potentially Harmful Effects of Blue Light

Because blue light has such high energy, it can easily pass through our corneas and lenses and land right on our retinas. While this allows us to see the color blue, it may also increase our risk for macular degeneration (a common cause of vision loss), since excessive blue light exposure can harmfully interact with retinal cells, as shown by scientific studies.

Excessive exposure to blue light is also partially responsible for an eye condition known as computer vision. This syndrome can lead to temporary symptoms including eye strain, eye fatigue, blurry vision, eye redness, and dry eyes. We also tend to blink less and have to deal with glare while using digital devices, which can also contribute to computer vision.

How Our New Jersey Optometry Team Can Help You Protect Your Eyes from Blue Light Emission

If you use technology a lot, you may want to consider using specialized a filtering lens or coating on your glasses to reduce the amount of blue light reaching your eyes. These are called computer glasses, and are especially important if you’ve had cataract surgery before. Our New Jersey optometry team would be happy to fit you for a pair!

Additionally, many vision disorders, including macular degeneration, can progress for a long time before symptoms show up. So routine eye exam, early detection, and early intervention are important for minimizing and controlling the disease.

Wondering If You Need Extra Protection From Blue Light Emission? Contact Our Eye Doctor Team

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