Emergency Eye Care Treatment

Given that our vision helps us experience the world and be aware of our surroundings, it’s no surprise that our eyes are one of the most important aspects of our body. From driving to work to viewing the beautiful scenery, life would be very difficult if we couldn’t see clearly. While it’s important to visit optometry experts for routine eye exams, it’s even more important to see these specialists when you need emergency eye care. Unfortunately, there are many factors that can lead to ocular emergencies, and it can sometimes be difficult to know when to see a professional for your vision problem. No matter what vision solution you’re looking for, Eyes First Vision Center is here to help. With ten convenient locations in Middletown, Hazlet, Bricktown, and more, you’re minutes away from receiving outstanding optometry services. Keep reading to learn more about the common ocular emergencies out there, including how to contact us to find the care you need.


Common Ocular Emergencies

If you’re dealing with a vision problem, it can be tough to determine if it’s a serious issue or not. Here are some common ocular emergencies that mean you should seek treatment as soon as possible.

Mechanical Injury to the Globe

When your eye’s globe is ruptured, it involves damage to the cornea or sclera. If not treated quickly, this could lead to endophthalmitis, which is an infection that can lead to blindness. Signs that you have a globe rupture include moderate to severe pain, a drop in visual clarity, and blood in the anterior chamber.

Chemical Injuries

When your eyes come into contact with chemicals, it can be detrimental to your vision. This is a true ocular emergency that needs immediate attention. The severity of this type of eye injury depends on the pH concentration, in addition to the nature of the chemical you’ve come into contact with. Symptoms of this threatening issue include blurred vision, moderate to severe pain, photophobia, and red eye.

Central Retinal Artery Occlusion

The central retinal artery is a branch of the ophthalmic artery, which helps bring blood to the retina through the retinal branches. Occlusion of the central retinal artery quickly leads to ocular stroke, which can mean severe vision loss in a short amount of time. Seeking treatment quickly is vital for preventing permanent vision damage.

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