Signs of Computer Vision

Blurry Vision? Headaches? Tired Eyes? You May Have Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer Vision Syndrome is the name optometrist has ascribed to the impact computer screens can have on your eyes. Too much screen time, or taking too infrequent breaks from computer usage, can lead to symptoms ranging from minor to serious. If you think your computer use is affecting your vision – or your health – contact the optometry professionals at Eyes First Vision Center in Middletown for an assessment.

Computers Vision

Computer Vision Syndrome, or CVS, affects people that sit in front of a computer all day for their job. It can also impact you if you spend time on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. This screen time can put extra strain on your eyes and lead to problems affecting your eyesight.

Common Symptoms Of Computer Vision Syndrome

This digital eye strain manifests itself in various ways. If you are experiencing any one of these or a combination of these, you should get an examination to assess your vision.

  • Double Vision or Blurred Vision
  • Dry Eye or Tired Eyes
  • Burning in the Eyes
  • Headaches, Neck or Shoulder Pain
  • Red Eye
  • Eye Strain

Taking regular breaks can help ease these symptoms. Eyes First Vision Center recommends you follow the 20 / 20 / 20 rule when working with computers. Take a break every 20 minutes or so and focus on an object at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This will give your eyes a break and help relieve eye strain. If this does not do the trick, or you have continuing concerns, it’s time to check with an optometry professional.

Many of these symptoms will clear up on their own when you take regular breaks. They can also be indicative of other health problems, so it is important you visit the optometrist.

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