Signs Your Kids Might Have Vision Problems

Our Optometrist in Middletown, NJ Explains Signs Your Kids Might Have Vision Problems

It is not uncommon for kids to have vision problems. In many cases, the vision issues can develop so slowly that your child may not realize that they are having issues with their vision. Because of this, it is up to you to be able to see the signs that your child may need to get glasses. There are a few signs that you should look for.

Sitting Too Close To the TV or Holding Books to Close

Many kids will sit close to the television because there is often a good deal of space in front of the television. If your child is doing this often, they could be doing it because they cannot see well enough from the chair or the couch. If your child is holding their books close to their face, it is another sign that your child may need glasses.

Rubbing Their Eyes Frequently

If you find that your child rubs their eyes frequently while they are reading or doing their homework, they could be experiencing vision problems. When a child is frequently rubbing their eyes, they could be suffering from blurry vision. A child with blurry vision will rub their eyes hoping to see more clearly.

Using a Finger to Track the Words While Reading

When children first start reading, they will often track the words with their finger. As they become more experienced, they won’t need to do this. If your child is still tracking the words with their finger, ask them to read without using a finger. If they cannot, they could have problems with their vision.

Squinting To See the Board in School or Objects in the Distance

If your child needs to squint to see the board in school, there is a good chance that they need glasses. The same is true if they need to squint to see objects in the distance such as street signs or the television.

Excessive Tearing and Sensitivity to Light

If your child struggles with the bright sunshine outdoors, they could have an underlying eye condition. The same is true if your child’s eyes frequently tear up.

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