The Importance of Eye Care and Check Ups

The Importance of Eye Care and Check-Ups

Taking care of your eyes is an extremely important task so your vision does not falter and so you remain in good health. One important part of eye care is to make an appointment for an eye exam each year. Contact Eye First Vision Center to meet with our optometrist. We provide eye care services for the entire family, including pediatrics and senior eye exams. Here is some information about eye care and checkups to read over so you understand why they are so important.

Introduction On Eye Care

Eye care needs to be conducted daily so your vision does not suffer. Do your best to avoid items that can hurt your vision, like touching your eyes with hands that had touched a chemical, keeping goggles on hand for times small particles could become a problem, and protecting your eyes with sunglasses when ultraviolet rays are expected.

Eye Care Our Practice Offers

We offer a variety of eye care services to our patients. We do vision screening procedures in the comfort of our office. We treat all ages, allowing the entire family to receive appropriate treatment when needed. We will assist with the decision regarding what type of corrective lens you would like to obtain. If you select contact lenses, we will teach you how to care for them appropriately.

What Is Involved During An Eye Exam

Our eye doctor will check for eye conditions and diseases and provide you with treatment options should you be suffering from one. During a vision screening, a chart needs to be read to help determine what prescription strength you require. If you suffer from dry eye, conjunctivitis, or a similar condition, medication in the form of eye drops may be necessary.

Contact Our Contact Eye First Vision Center Today!

It is important to have an eye exam done each year. This way any medical problems will be found and remedied without delay, helping to protect your vision. Prescription changes will also be handled in a prompt manner so you can see clearly. Contact Eye First Vision Center at 732-203-5427 for more information.

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