Why Cataract Awareness is Important

Cataract Awareness from our Middletown Optometrist

The optometrists at Eye First Vision Centers want to remind you that Cataracts can impair vision. Cataracts are a clouding of the lens of the eyes that commonly develops with aging. Twenty-two million Americans are affected by cataracts every year, and this progressive condition can seriously impair vision.

Why Cataract Awareness is Important

About 50 percent of individuals will develop cataracts by the age of 80. These older people will experience glare around lights, blurred vision, poor night vision and faded colors. Surgery to remove the clouded lens and replace it with an artificial lens is the recommended treatment, and it has a 95 percent success rate. Regular exams can help detect cataract development so you can receive prompt treatment to ensure your good vision.

Tips Vision Health

Always protect your eyes from damage from ultraviolet light by always wearing sunglasses when you are outside on sunny days. Don’t smoke, and if you do, talk to your doctor about ways to quit. Limit the amount of alcohol you drink to just one drink per day. July 4th is also coming up so stay behind barriers at fireworks display events. Always wear eye protection when handling sparklers and other small fireworks. Visit your eye doctor for an eye exam every 2 years or more frequently, as your physician recommends.

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